Hello there

I am mostly known as a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater modding enthusiast, not limited to, however. This place is reserved for anything major I released before and anything I'll feel worth sharing in the future. Check the right panel if you feel like reaching me is the important thing to do.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The most notable Tony Hawk's related projects include:

  • LevelMod
    custom levels pack for THPS3, collaboration with Vadru'Qc.
  • Project 512x
    higher resolution texture pack for THPS3.
  • LevelPack 2
    custom levels pack for THPS2.
  • THPS2 Cumulative Patch
    a complex patch, mostly known for the proper widescreen support and removed FPS cap.
  • Tony Hawk's Games Wiki
    a wiki hosted on Wikia, adopted by me.

Of course there are many more lesser things, including fonts research, numerous written tools and extractors, minor contributions in other THPS projects.

Other stuff

  • Programming - C#, some C++ skill. Also Delphi/Pascal background, but I guess it's long forgotten now. HTML skills are just fine to rip some free template and modify it.
  • Music - I'm mostly into melodic metalcore, but I don't mind throwing in some alt rock, nu-metal, post-grunge and basically any other genre if song is good enough.
  • Guitar - my musical taste kinda defined the instrument I use.
  • Gaming - THPS is not the only thing out there after all.